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Bank Of America | BA Continnum Interview Questions 10 Janunary 2017 | Experienced

Hi All,

I wanted to share interview questions asked at Bank of America Interview for Dot Net developer experienced candidate.

Please use the questions as reference and research the answers for self understanding

The questions are as follows

1. How do you show diff master pages to 2 roles , admin and normal user.

2. If I miss mentioning master page will I get error , when I will get error
Is compile time error

3.Can two text box have same name in same page under 2 different controls
How will you access the values

4. How to catch exception without try catch
Is it possible

5. One page with multiple text box server side pare. How will you iterate REPEATER
and check given text in text Box

6. How will you get values from a text box and assign.

7.Validate a page using javascript
Text box text in click of button.

8.What are generics.
What is list


9.Table with one column as dates
how to get the date diff of 12 23 34 rows etc as result table
Answer hint :
 [use self join on table and second table with first row missing]
T1  T2
1 | 2
2 |3
3 | 4

10.How to call sp in a function
Answer hint :It's not possible. but you can call a function from Stored proceure
11.How to get distinct elements wo using distinct Key.

Answer hint : by using order by and a subquery b

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