Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hack Surveys - Overcome Survey Pages On Any Website

Follow These Steps:
To Over Come Survey Pages by deleting respective codes


If U have Downloaded a big software after and Downloading you have found that the .rar file has been locked and its referring some site in which you have to fill surveys .

Now this trick will help you to overcome the RUBBISH Surveys
Follow these steps

1.Go to the page which consists of Survey in google chrome
2.In google chrome Right click and select " INSPECT ELEMENTS " as in the above image
3.Now expand the lines
4.Select the lines STEP BY STEP From top
5.When a particular line is selected then the survey Block will be selected
6.Delete that block Code (line)
7.Similarly select remaining lines and findout the "OVERLAY" line (some of code-makers may not put the direct name as OVERLAY) whick is blocking you from
the download page , delete those lines
8.Thats it all BLOCKING layers (Overlay,Survey block) have been deleted
9.Enjoy download without Survey  ...... :) Thanks

Friday, 13 January 2012

Folder Locker without Software

Securing confidential and personal data is always considered as a sophisticated task.You can use freeware third party softwares like Axcrypt, Disguise Folders etc to encrypt your data.If somehow you can’t use these softwares (installation restrictions) then you can secure your data using notepad.This trick works in windows xp,vista and windows 7.

Lock Folder without any Software
    Open Notepad [Start-->Run-->Notepad]
    In your Notepad just Copy/Paste the below  CODE