Sunday, 12 February 2012

MegaTypers Invitation CODE | INDEX is a workforce management company that service institutions requiring data entry services. Our main goal is to support our client.s digitization requirements by converting scanned papers into editable digital documents. Our services also include Neural Network Text Recognition, Voice-to-text transcription and Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart image recognition for the visually impaired (blind).




Fill up from as bellow:
1. Email :
2. Password :
3. Password :
4. Name :
5. Payment Type: 
6. PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Western Union, WebMoney
7. Invitation Code : 6UL
8. Type the image :
9. Click "REGISTER" Button
and enjoy!

proof of payment : click to view larger

Friday, 10 February 2012

Youtube (Facebook,vimeo) video download WITHOUT SOFTWARE

Youtube  &  Facebook & metacafe & vimeo or Anyother video download  WITHOUT SOFTWARE

There are websites on the internet that will convert your video link into a download link but it has the following drawback

If you already watched the whole video and then you decide to download it to your computer it will take double time because you already have spent time watching it and now have to spend time downloading it to your hard-drive.

Moreover, the download speeds are very slow and its very irritating to download the whole video again.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Simple Typing Easy MoneY

Help for  Megatypers :

Typing Skills Earns You Money the Payment is done through Some ralated sites like Liberty Reserve,PayPal,Westren Union Money
How ever You Can Earn Money By typing Captcha code :

Payment Proof You Can See in :

Friday, 3 February 2012

IDM 6.08.8. Build 8 patch + Crack+keygen (Updated) January-2012

Internet Download Manager main features:

Download Patch Here SnDk&p

- Works with all major browsers and applications and integrates into any 3rd party Internet application.
- IDM starts automatically when you click on a download link in a browser.
- Supports HTTP, FTP and HTTPS protocols.
- Internet Download Manager is using an adaptive download accelerator which can increase download speed       up to 500%

Download Patch Here SnDk&p

Download   IDM 6.07.8 + patch :

Download Patch Here SnDk&p

- Organize and sort your downloads using IDM's defined download categories.

- Take advantage of the Quick Update Feature to ensure you have the latest version of the program. IDM       will check for new versions once a week and ask your permission to update.

- Download to a limited defined number of megabytes per hour using progressive downloading with quotas feature. Useful for connections like Direcway, Direct PC, Hughes, etc. that use fair access policy (FAP).

- Just drag and drop download links to IDM or complete files out if Internet Download Manager.
- IDM offers support for multiple languages.

Earn Money With Simple Typing Tool

Sign up to :: And Earn :

* Good Typing Skill
* Internet Connection
* Little Bit English Knowledge.

Working Time and payout rates:

Payout rates per 1,000 images ( US SERVER TIME ):

Hour 00-01 01-02 02-03 03-04 04-05 05-06 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10 10-11 11-12
Rate 0.90$ 0.85$ 0.85$ 0.85$ 0.85$ 0.85$ 0.85$ 0.85$ 0.85$ 0.85$ 0.85$ 0.85$
Hour 12-13 13-14 14-15 15-16 16-17 17-18 18-19 19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23 23-00
Rate 0.95$ 1.25$ 1.25$ 1.25$ 1.30$ 1.35$ 1.35$ 1.35$ 1.25$ 0.95$ 0.90$ 0.90$
Payment Proof You Can See in::

You can work at any hour that you want and for as long as you please the quicker you type,the more cash you earn
Terms & Conditions:
* You must start the work every day and type more than 1000 images properly
* Each CAPTCHA has to be solved within 15 seconds or you’ll be kicked out of the Captchas solving page.

* Your account will be SUSPENDED for 24 hours after 50 KICK OUTS. KICK OUTS are based on CAPTCHA timeout or too many incorrect CAPTCHAs.
*We will ban your account forever;
If you used a third party software, your account will be banned.
If you will try to use multiple instance of ID’s, you will be banned.
If you don’t follow the instructions and solve captcha as they are shown, your account will be banned.
If you were trapped in booby-trap and didn’t solve captcha correctly, you will be banned.
If you were kicked out often for not solving captchas, you will be banned.
If you were typing garbage text, doing copy/paste, you will be banned.
We never to pay for banned accounts.